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 Our company is focused on automation services implemented in the automotive industry. We are also a distributor of design software that we are able to deliver including professional HW equipment. We have been operating on the market since 2009 and our company has been recognised in public thanks to exclusive distribution of EUROCOM mobile workstations, mobile servers and laptops which are being sold at our specialized online configurator www.eurocom-europe.com.

Siemens PLM

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 Our company offers simulation of production processes mainly used in the automotive industry focusing on the production facilities of bodywork shops or paint shops. At the same time, we offer offline industrial robot programs of leading manufacturers, i.e. KUKA, according to customer specifications and valid technological standards. For such simulation we use modern PLM Software Siemens Tecnomatix, which represents the vision of the next-generation Digital Factory.

 The term Digital Factory refers to an complex network of digital methods, models and tools that are integrated within ongoing data management. The aim is complex and systematic planning, design, verification and continuous improvement of all important structures, processes and resources of the real factory in connection with its products. Through accurate digital modeling, simulation, and 3D visualization, all those who collaborate during development can visualize and analyze future production processes. This helps to reduce errors that would otherwise occur when the production has already started.

We offer implementation of Simulation in the following Simulation Process::

We dedicate to each individual project as standard:

 To companies with the simulation department we also offer help by renting our simulant for a pre-arranged hourly wage. If you need to increase the number of hours that have been simulated, you cant stand the deadline terms or you would appreciate qualified supervison over yout project, please contact us. You can expect a flexible, professional, and actionable approach that will help your company overcome under-staffed simulation department and deliver your project on time.


Training & Consulting:

We offer training and consultations regarding the Siemens Tecnomatix digital factory - Simulate Process environment.

HW Solutions:

 Our company has been specializing in the distribution of the EUROCOM mobile workstations since 2009. We sell all over EU and laptops can be configured e-shop www.eurocom-europe.com. Notebooks and mobile workstations from EUROCOM are custom made to specific project requirements such design and simulations, product development, rendering and 3D graphics or activities related to the VR (virtual reality). We are able to supply HW equipment for all specialized PLM / BIM / CAD industry software including certified components. The key benefits of EUROCOM solution are:

 We are able to supply tailor-made IT solutions to your company of preferred hardware manufacturer, Feel free to ask for EUROCOM demo unit and borrow for a corporate test, more information at www.eurocom-europe.com.

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